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Artifacts using pax-exam-container-forked version 3.0.0

This bundle embeds Logback which provides the SLF4J logging API. The embedding supports dynamic OSGi-configuration without requiring to edit some global filesystem based XML file.
Last Release on Sep 10, 2018
Bundle to simplify JAAS usage within OSGi environment. Refer to for more details
Last Release on Feb 13, 2017
Apache Felix Script Console Plugin allows invocation of script through Felix Web Console UI. Refer to for more details.
Last Release on Nov 30, 2015
SLF4J Message Diagnostic Context (MDC) Filter which extracts various details from requests and adds them to the MDC
Last Release on May 15, 2014
Mappingservice IntegrationTest
Last Release on Oct 17, 2019
OpenflowPlugin It
Last Release on Feb 29, 2016
Starts and stops a container in server mode.
Last Release on Dec 9, 2018