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Leverages the OSGi R4.2 Launch API so it just works with newer osgi implementations.

LicenseApache 2.0
Date(Dec 02, 2013)
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RepositoriesCentralRedhat GASpring PluginsWSO2 Public
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New Version4.13.3

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Apache License, Version 2.0


NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
Toni Menzeltoni.menzel<at>rebaze.comtonitDeveloperRebaze
Stuart McCullochstuart.mcculloch<at>jayway.netmccullsDeveloperJayway Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Alin Dreghiciuadreghiciu<at>gmail.comadreghiciuDeveloperJayway Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Harald Wellmannharald.wellmann<at>gmx.dehwellmannDeveloperindependent software developer
Harald Wellmannharald.wellmann<at>gmx.dehwellmann