Artifacts using OPS4J Pax Exam JUnit Support (93)

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Implementation of the Declarative Services specification 1.5
Last Release on Jan 22, 2024
Implementation of the OSGi Configuration Admin Service Specification 1.6
Last Release on Nov 9, 2022
Provides resources for running ActiveMQ in Apache Karaf
Last Release on Apr 15, 2024
Integration Test Support
Last Release on Aug 30, 2021
A bundle to help using Pax-Exam and Karaf.
Last Release on Apr 27, 2013
OpenNMS Features Phonebook
Last Release on Jul 31, 2014
This bundle implements whiteboard pattern support for DynamicMBean services registered with the OSGi service registry. Each DynamicMBean service is registered with (and unregistered from) all MBeanServer services registered in the OSGi service registry.
Last Release on Jan 2, 2018
Atricore :: Distribution : Atricore Identity Bus Standalone
Last Release on May 28, 2017
SMS Monitor
Last Release on Jul 31, 2014
This bundle is an implementation of the i18n service based on Resource Bundle. Those files are provided using i18n extensions
Last Release on Nov 10, 2011