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OPS4J Pax Swissbox - Utilities related to OSGi core framework. Detailed information to be found at

LicenseApache 2.0
Date(Oct 09, 2013)
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RepositoriesRedhat EA
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New Version1.8.3

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Apache 2.0
org.ops4j.base » ops4j-base-lang[1.2.3,1.2.3-...1.5.0

Apache 2.0
org.ops4j.pax.swissbox » pax-swissbox-lifecycle 1.3.1-redhat-11.8.3


NameEmailDev IdRolesOrganization
Alin Dreghiciuadreghiciu<at>gmail.comadreghiciuDeveloper
Toni Menzeltoni<at>okidokiteam.comtonitDeveloperindependent software developer
Johan Lindquistjohan (at)