Artifacts using OPS4J Pax Url Assembly: (9)

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OPS4J Pax Runner - Core engine. See details at
Last Release on Jan 8, 2016
Integration tests for Infinispan running in OSGi/Karaf
Last Release on Mar 3, 2020
A fragment POM that groups dependencies needed by integration tests projects based on PAX-Exam tool. It is aimed to be imported by other integration tests projects POMs.
Last Release on Jun 6, 2019
Web Service Server
Last Release on Mar 3, 2015
Launcher that can be configured to bootstrap an arbitrary number of processes.
Last Release on May 31, 2012
Provisionner For Eclipse
Last Release on Jul 16, 2013
ART2 :: Platform :: Felix
Last Release on Nov 29, 2010
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