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Artifacts using asm-commons version 8.0.1

SpotBugs: Because it's easy!
Last Release on Jun 23, 2020
xbean-reflect provides very flexible ways to create objects and graphs of objects for DI frameworks
Last Release on Apr 30, 2020
This bundle contains the proxy service implementation for Apache Aries
Last Release on May 27, 2020
XBean Finder helps to find annotations in classes
Last Release on Apr 30, 2020
JVM type model used by Xbase and other languages.
Last Release on Jun 2, 2020
This bundle contains an extender that facilitates the use of JRE SPI providers (components typically plugged in to the JRE through META-INF/services resources).
Last Release on May 28, 2020
Fess is Full tExt Search System.
Last Release on Jul 1, 2020

OpenL core
Last Release on Jun 3, 2020
Apache DeltaSpike Partial Bean Module Impl
Last Release on Jun 7, 2020
COPPER is an open-source, powerful, light-weight, and easily configurable workflow engine. The power of COPPER is that it uses Java as a description language for workflows.
Last Release on Apr 6, 2020