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Contains many functions useful for data analysis, high-level graphics, utility operations, functions for computing sample size and power, importing and annotating datasets, imputing missing values, advanced table making, variable clustering, character string manipulation, conversion of R objects to LaTeX and html code, and recoding variables.
Last Release on Feb 13, 2021
Provides generators for a high number of both single- and multi- objective test functions which are frequently used for the benchmarking of (numerical) optimization algorithms. Moreover, it offers a set of convenient functions to generate, plot and work with objective functions.
Last Release on May 29, 2022
A collection of various visualizations methods is provided. With regards to high-dimensional data the heat map and silhouette plot for grouped data,visualizations of the distribution of distances, the scatter-density plot for two variables,the Shepard density plot as well as the Bland-Altman plot are presented here. For a classification of countries, a map of the world or Germany can be visualized. 'DataVisualizations' makes it possible to inspect the distribution of each feature of a dataset visually ...
Last Release on May 1, 2022
The bioinformatic evaluation of gene co-expression often begins with correlation-based analyses. However, this approach lacks statistical validity when applied to relative data. This includes, for example, biological count data generated by high-throughput RNA-sequencing, chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), ChIP-sequencing, Methyl-Capture sequencing, and other techniques. This package implements several metrics for proportionality, including phi [Lovell et al (2015) <DOI:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004075>] and ...
Last Release on May 1, 2022
Network visualization in the 'ggplot2' framework. Network functionality is provided in a single 'ggplot2' layer by calling the geom 'net'. Layouts are calculated using the 'sna' package, example networks are included.
Last Release on May 1, 2022
Like package 'manipulate' does for static graphics, this package helps to easily add controls like sliders, pickers, checkboxes, etc. that can be used to modify the input data or the parameters of an interactive chart created with package 'htmlwidgets'.
Last Release on Apr 30, 2022
Create preliminary exploratory data visualisations of an entire dataset to identify problems or unexpected features using 'ggplot2'.
Last Release on May 1, 2022
flowcatchR is a set of tools to analyze in vivo microscopy imaging data, focused on tracking flowing blood cells. It guides the steps from segmentation to calculation of features, filtering out particles not of interest, providing also a set of utilities to help checking the quality of the performed operations (e.g. how good the segmentation was). It allows investigating the issue of tracking flowing cells such as in blood vessels, to categorize the particles in flowing, rolling and adherent. This ...
Last Release on Apr 29, 2022
Functions for calculating and visualizing growth-rate inhibition (GR) metrics.
Last Release on Apr 28, 2022
A simple single-sample gene signature scoring method that uses rank-based statistics to analyze the sample's gene expression profile. It scores the expression activities of gene sets at a single-sample level.
Last Release on Apr 29, 2022