Artifacts using Jython Shaded (9)

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JSR-223-compliant Jython scripting language plugin.
Last Release on Jan 27, 2024
Sponge Jython Support
Last Release on Sep 16, 2021
TrakEM2 plugin for ImageJ.
Last Release on Jan 18, 2024
NiFi Scripting Processors
Last Release on Jul 7, 2024
JIRA-based Changelog and Release Notes Generator
Last Release on Dec 2, 2023
API Documentation for Shell Scripts
Last Release on Dec 2, 2023
dyna4JDBC is a JDBC driver, that allows running alternative JVM language scripts (Groovy, JavaScript, Scala, Jython, Clojure, BeanShell, R (Renjin), JRuby etc.) or external console-oriented programs via the JDBC API. Mainly targeted at allowing JDBC-enabled business intelligence applications to run various scripts instead of SQL easily, dyna4JDBC captures and parses the output of scripts/external programs and presents that as a standard JDBC Result Set, allowing the output to be processed ...
Last Release on Sep 17, 2017
Grain is a static web site building framework for Groovy that makes demanding static web site implementation an intuitive and enjoyable task to do.
Last Release on Mar 14, 2024
Invesdwin Context Python Runtime Jython
Last Release on Jun 22, 2021
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