Artifacts using Spring Boot Starter Logging (1,121)

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Starter for testing Spring Boot applications with libraries including JUnit Jupiter, Hamcrest and Mockito
Last Release on Feb 22, 2024
Core starter, including auto-configuration support, logging and YAML
Last Release on Feb 22, 2024
Spring Cloud Sleuth Zipkin
Last Release on Feb 9, 2024
This project is a Spring configuration client.
Last Release on Dec 6, 2023
The Grails Asset-Pipeling plugin providing asset transpiling to grails.
Last Release on May 1, 2023
The Spring Security plugin simplifies the integration of Spring Security into Grails® framework applications.
Last Release on Dec 20, 2023
Set of classes and utility code that may assist in testing both spring-cloud-stream itself, and also modules.
Last Release on Dec 19, 2023
Spring Boot Rapid Development
Last Release on Jan 25, 2024
ZOLOZ Common Module
Last Release on Jul 29, 2020
Last Release on Feb 28, 2020