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Last Release on Jun 4, 2020
MacGyver Core
Last Release on Feb 16, 2017
Hdsp Core Starter
Last Release on Jun 5, 2020
Core package shared by API layer and Microservices
Last Release on Jul 1, 2020
Contains the core Hudson code and view files to render HTML.
Last Release on Feb 9, 2016
Mule Spring Security support exposes Spring Security Authentication providers and Method interceptors to authenticate event traffic via endpoints and provide method level authorization on components.
Last Release on Apr 26, 2018
Ontrack module: ontrack-service
Last Release on Jun 9, 2020

A collection of classes shared by broadleaf profile, cms, admin, and core.
Last Release on Mar 10, 2016
MidPoint Model API
Last Release on Jun 2, 2020
Módulo destinado a integrar flow, form ao spring, hibernate e classes base da arquitetura
Last Release on Mar 17, 2020