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Spring Social Config
Last Release on Mar 5, 2018
Facebook API
Last Release on Dec 9, 2015
Twitter API
Last Release on Oct 16, 2015
LinkedIn API
Last Release on Aug 20, 2015
ums-core feature: username password login, mobile login, Support multi-tenancy, sign, JWT, MDC etc.
Last Release on Mar 5, 2021
ums-social feature: OAuth2(qq,weixin,weibo,gitee), binding and unbinding, routing function of multiple callback addresses through a unified callback address entry.
Last Release on Oct 4, 2020
Google API
Last Release on May 25, 2014
Manages authentication and authorizations on server side. Based on an enriched Spring security.
Last Release on Mar 29, 2020
Games Web
Last Release on Jul 19, 2018
Spring Social adapter for Microsoft BotFramework
Last Release on Nov 26, 2017