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Orca Shirako Leasing Core
Last Release on Sep 17, 2018
Starter for using Spring Web Services. Deprecated as of 1.4 in favor of spring-boot-starter-web-services
Last Release on Jun 8, 2017
Sesc Commons Security
Last Release on Jan 22, 2016
Camel support for Spring Web Services
Last Release on Jan 18, 2019
Orca Shirako Leasing Core
Last Release on May 14, 2018
JMS client for Weblogic (tested on Weblogic 12.1.3 and 12.2.1) ,ActiveMQ (tested with ActiveMQ 5.11 and 5.15.4), and HornetQ 2.2.11 (included in JBoss 7.1)
Last Release on Aug 5, 2018
afor-api enables you to automate application programming interfaces
Last Release on Jul 24, 2018

JBehave Support Core
Last Release on Feb 20, 2019