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Artifacts using spring-remoting version 2.0.6

Spring Security
Last Release on Jun 21, 2021
Mule server and core classes
Last Release on Apr 26, 2018
ServiceMix :: Core
Last Release on Jul 2, 2012
JBI compliant HTTP/SOAP binding component.
Last Release on Jan 15, 2013
The servicemix-camel component provides support for using Apache Camel to provide a full set of Enterprise Integration Patterns and flexible routing and transformation in both Java code or Spring XML to route services on the Normalized Message Router.
Last Release on Jan 15, 2013
Trails Security
Last Release on Sep 2, 2008
Openutils Spring Tools
Last Release on Feb 19, 2008
openutils base Spring-Hibernate RMI remote lazy loading support
Last Release on Mar 3, 2008
Recommendations Webapp
Last Release on Jan 26, 2009
Spring Security Contacts Sample
Last Release on Sep 5, 2011