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The core reader and writer for ORC files. Uses the vectorized column batch for the in memory representation.
Last Release on Nov 10, 2023
Clojure wrapper for Java 8 Time API
Last Release on Nov 16, 2023
Last Release on Dec 4, 2023
A Java library for reading and writing iCalendar (*.ics) files
Last Release on Nov 3, 2023
Static analysis tool for Java that catches common programming mistakes at compile-time
Last Release on Oct 18, 2023
Last Release on Aug 1, 2023
A set of miscellaneous utility classes
Last Release on Nov 21, 2023
Apache James :: Server :: Mail Queue :: API
Last Release on Jun 8, 2023
Geb (pronounced "jeb") is a browser automation solution. It brings together the power of WebDriver, the elegance of jQuery content selection, the robustness of Page Object modelling and the expressiveness of the Groovy language.
Last Release on Jan 2, 2023
This API determines the holidays for a given year, country/name and eventually state/region. The holiday data is stored in XML files (one for each country) and will be read from the classpath. You can provide your own holiday calendar XML file or use any of the provided ones. Currently there are 63 countries supported like the following: United States, most european countries, Russia, India, Australia. Besides those there will be more special calendars like ...
Last Release on Dec 18, 2019