Artifacts using thymeleaf-extras-java8time version 3.0.1.RELEASE

Spring Boot auto-configuration attempts to automatically configure your Spring application based on the jar dependencies that you have added.
Last Release on Jan 20, 2023
Across is a Java framework that aims to facilitate module based development for Java (web) applications. It builds heavily on Spring framework and allows defining a module consisting of a number of classes and configuration files. Every module defines its own Spring application context and can share one or more beans with other modules.
Last Release on Apr 27, 2022
epion-t3 core library
Last Release on Jun 21, 2021
Epion T3 Core
Last Release on Feb 20, 2021
Serenity Email Report
Last Release on Jan 24, 2020
Implementação de client para um servidor MPI (Master Patient Index) utilizando mensagens SOAP (PIX/PDQ) baseadas na especificação técnica para integração do DATASUS.
Last Release on Sep 30, 2020
Serenity Single Page Report
Last Release on Feb 2, 2023
Epion T3 Excel
Last Release on May 25, 2019
BroadleafCommerce Enterprise Module
Last Release on Oct 26, 2022
Spring Boot Docs
Last Release on Jan 15, 2021