Artifacts using Mojo Executor (303)

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Atlassian JIRA Testing Base Classes For Func Tests
Last Release on Apr 5, 2019
The Maven Wisdom Plugin allows building applications for Wisdom.
Last Release on Feb 15, 2017
Beanstalker Common
Last Release on Sep 30, 2019
Utility classes for T³ projects
Last Release on Aug 28, 2019
Maven Ant Tasks
Last Release on May 23, 2019
SDK Commons
Last Release on Mar 15, 2022
The JavaFX Maven Plugin provides a way to to assemble distributable bundles for JavaFX applications from within Maven. It provides a wrapper around the JavaFX packaging tools which are provided as part of the JavaFX installation.
Last Release on Feb 9, 2017
Boost Maven Plugin
Last Release on Sep 24, 2019
A very simple example of how to use the Mojo Executor in a Maven plugin. This plugin allows you to specify the group ID, artifact ID, version, goal, and configuration of a plugin to execute. Why would you use this plugin instead of just executing the plugin directly? You wouldn't, probably! It's just for example and functional testing purposes.
Last Release on Mar 10, 2022
Helidon Dev Loop
Last Release on May 9, 2022


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