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This is the pom file that defines the build process for the WSO2 Balana Core. Balana is XACML open source project which is based on the sunxacml under the license But future development is released under Apache2 license

LicenseApache 2.0
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1.1.13Central1Nov, 2018
1.1.12Central1Oct, 2018
1.1.11Central1Aug, 2018
1.1.10Central1Jun, 2018
1.1.9Central1May, 2018
1.1.8Central1May, 2018
1.1.7Central1May, 2018
1.1.6Central1May, 2018
1.1.5Central5Mar, 2018
1.1.4Central1Jan, 2018
1.1.3Central6Nov, 2017