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1. Wro4j Core33 usages

ro.isdc.wro4j » wro4j-coreApache

Wro4j Core
Last Release on Nov 23, 2020
Wro4j Extensions
Last Release on Nov 23, 2020
A distribution of rhino which releases snapshots from a submodule folder containing forked sources.
Last Release on Jun 4, 2013
Wro4j Maven Plugin
Last Release on Nov 23, 2020
Web Resource Optimizer Test Project
Last Release on Sep 9, 2010
Web Resource Optimizer Examples Project
Last Release on Jan 10, 2011

7. Wro4j Parent

ro.isdc.wro4j » wro4j-parentApache

The purpose of this project is to reduce the number of requests needed to load a page and the amount of data to transfer to clients, achieving drastic improvement of loading times. The resources can be benefit also from minification and compression.
Last Release on Nov 23, 2020
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