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GATE - general architecture for text engineering - is open source software capable of solving almost any text processing problem. This artifact enables you to embed the core GATE Embedded with its essential dependencies. You will able to use the GATE Embedded API and load and store GATE XML documents. This artifact is the perfect dependency for CREOLE plugins or for applications that need to customize the GATE dependencies due to conflict with their own ...

LicenseLGPL 3.0
Date(Jun 02, 2015)
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RepositoriesCentralSonatypeSpring Lib MSpring Plugins
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New Version8.5.1

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Category/License Group / ArtifactVersionUpdates
jaxen » jaxen 1.1.6

Apache 2.0
org.apache.tika » tika-parsers

Apache 2.0
xpp3 » xpp3 1.1.4c1.1.6


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