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Wicket Java Management Extensions for Wicket 1.x (will be part of the main distro from Wicket 2.0 on)

LicenseApache 2.0
Date(Oct 30, 2006)
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New Version1.2.7

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Apache 2.0
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The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


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Jonathan Lockejonathanlocke at users.sourceforge.netjonathanlocke
Christopher Turnerskipoles at users.sourceforge.netskipoles
Eelco Hilleniuseelco12 at users.sourceforge.neteelco12
Johan Compagnerjoco01 at users.sourceforge.netjoco01
Martijn Dashorstdashorst at users.sourceforge.netdashorst
Juergen Donnerstagjdonnerstag at users.sourceforge.netjdonnerstag
Igor Vaynbergivaynberg at users.sourceforge.netivaynberg
Gwyn Evansgwynevans at users.sourceforge.netgwynevans
Ate Doumaadouma at users.sourceforge.netadouma
Jan Blokjan_blok at users.sourceforge.netjan_blok
Janne Hietamakijannehietamaki at users.sourceforge.netjannehietamaki
Matej Knoppknopp at users.sourceforge.netknopp
Frank Bille Jensenbillen at users.sourceforge.netbillen