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ZooKeeper server
Last Release on Mar 27, 2021
Last Release on May 7, 2010
The Plasma SDO Module
Last Release on Sep 13, 2017
Open source website content management system
Last Release on Nov 8, 2005
Last Release on Oct 12, 2013
This open source software is a reference implementation, consisting of software and related files, for the OMG specification called the Semantics of a Foundational Subset for Executable UML Models (fUML). The reference implementation is intended to implement the execution semantics of UML activity models, accepting an XMI file from a conformant UML model as its input and providing an execution trace of the selected activity model(s) as its output. The core execution engine, which is directly generated from ...
Last Release on Jun 4, 2020
The Profile Service describes and locates resources using metadata descriptions. These descriptions, called profiles, tell of a resource's inception, composition, and location using a mix of Dublin Core and ISO-11179 metadata as well as URIs for locations. The Profile Service catalogs metadata descriptions and provides creating, updating, and querying capabilities.
Last Release on Jun 21, 2016
Last Release on Oct 19, 2013
Example Model
Last Release on Nov 8, 2005
Last Release on Oct 10, 2017