Cache Clients

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JSR107 API and SPI
Last Release on May 10, 2019
Spring Modules Cache
Last Release on Mar 12, 2007
A client library for memcached.
Last Release on May 1, 2017
Atlassian Cache API
Last Release on Sep 5, 2023
Extreme performance modern memcached client for java
Last Release on Nov 25, 2023
A light weight and high performance Java caching library. Android and Java 6 compatible. This artifact contains the official API of cache2k.
Last Release on Feb 7, 2022
Last Release on May 2, 2024
Last Release on Nov 11, 2021
Provides an API for a Client that interfaces with a Distributed Cache
Last Release on May 17, 2024
Amazon ElastiCache Cluster Client is an enhanced Java library to connect to ElastiCache clusters. This client library has been built upon Spymemcached and is released under the Apache 2.0 License.
Last Release on Nov 28, 2023