JWT Libraries

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Legacy dependency. Please update your dependencies as documented here: https://github.com/jwtk/jjwt#installation
Last Release on Jun 21, 2024

Relocated → io.jsonwebtoken » jjwt-api
Java implementation of JSON Web Token (JWT)
Last Release on Mar 31, 2023
Last Release on Jun 21, 2024
The jose.4.j library is a robust and easy to use open source implementation of JSON Web Token (JWT) and the JOSE specification suite (JWS, JWE, and JWK). It is written in Java and relies solely on the JCA APIs for cryptography. Please see https://bitbucket.org/b_c/jose4j/wiki/Home for more info, examples, etc..
Last Release on Mar 6, 2024
Spring Security JWT is a small utility library for encoding and decoding JSON Web Tokens. It belongs to the family of Spring Security crypto libraries that handle encoding and decoding text as a general, useful thing to be able to do.
Last Release on May 28, 2020
Pac4j: Java Web Security For JWT
Last Release on May 24, 2024
MicroProfile JWT Auth API
Last Release on Nov 10, 2022
This bundle will export packages from nimbus-jose-jwt-9.31 jar
Last Release on Mar 27, 2023
Atlassian JWT API classes. This may be bundled in a host application's WEB-INF/lib with implementations looked up via OSGi.
Last Release on Apr 19, 2024
Vert.x Auth JWT
Last Release on May 24, 2024