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Java EE Deployment API v1.2 of Java EE 5.0
Last Release on May 7, 2013
Deployer that will be used for Jetty 7
Last Release on Jan 16, 2012
JAXB 2.2 API of Java EE 6.0
Last Release on May 7, 2013
RDFBean Sesame 2
Last Release on Nov 9, 2013
JCIFS is an Open Source client library that implements the CIFS/SMB networking protocol in 100% Java
Last Release on Jun 5, 2016
This project is Maven 2 plugin used to make a JBI archive of a JBI component project.
Last Release on Sep 29, 2015
Integration of Hibernate with JBossCache 3.x (though 2.x sould work as well)
Last Release on Feb 9, 2012
The core project of babyfish, it supports (1) .NET style event notification API (2) Object Graph Travel API (3) Typed I18N (4) X Collection Framework (5) MA Collection Framework (6) ObjectModel4Java
Last Release on Oct 22, 2015
Maven 2 Plugin to make j2me project
Last Release on May 5, 2009
This project is Maven 2 archetype associated to a JBI service engine project.
Last Release on Jun 20, 2007