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Kotlin Standard Library JDK 7 extension
Last Release on Dec 6, 2018
The javax.transaction package. It is appropriate for inclusion in a classpath, and may be added to a Java 2 installation.
Last Release on Oct 28, 2008
Hibernate definition of the Java Persistence 2.0 (JSR 317) API.
Last Release on Jun 15, 2011
Clean-room definition of JPA APIs intended for use in developing Hibernate JPA implementation. See for details
Last Release on Jan 23, 2018
Kotlin Standard Library JRE 7 extension (deprecated)
Last Release on Sep 24, 2018
Jersey JSON Jackson (2.x) entity providers support module.
Last Release on Apr 10, 2018
JMock 2 Core
Last Release on Nov 12, 2018

The JTS Topology Suite is an API for modelling and manipulating 2-dimensional linear geometry. It provides numerous geometric predicates and functions. JTS conforms to the Simple Features Specification for SQL published by the Open GIS Consortium.
Last Release on Dec 14, 2012
Starter for using Log4j2 for logging. An alternative to spring-boot-starter-logging
Last Release on Nov 30, 2018
Adapter: RxJava 2
Last Release on Nov 18, 2018