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Annotated JDK 7 consists of bytecode implementing the Open JDK Java 7 api annotated with Checker Framework annotations. Method implementations in this file are empty. This file should only be compiled against and should never be placed on the runtime classpath of a compiled program.
Last Release on Aug 3, 2017
An OpenJDK 7 sun.nio.fs.Globs with null-annotations, some methods made public, and the returned Pattern without first ^ and last $.
Last Release on Nov 16, 2014
An implementation of Java 7’s WatchService for Java 6 on Mac OS X
Last Release on Jun 13, 2015
This is a library of JDK classes needed for the backport of OpenJFX 8 to run on Java 7.
Last Release on Jul 31, 2013
This is a copy of the RhinoScriptEngine which is embedded in Java 6/7. There an old version of Rhino (1.7R3) is used. The code in this repository uses the latest rhino version. This is only needed if you want to use the latest version of Rhino in the context of a ScriptEngine in Java 6/7.
Last Release on Mar 11, 2015
This is a backport of OpenJFX 8 to run on Java 7.
Last Release on Jul 31, 2013
OpenJDK 7 (Mac OS X)
Last Release on Jan 14, 2012
OpenJDK 7 Globs Repackaged and Minimally Modified
Last Release on Jul 1, 2017
Subset of OpenJDK 7 classes, annotated with type qualifiers from the checker framework
Last Release on Jan 22, 2014
OpenJDK import of com.sun.tracing and sun.tracing packages to allow compilation in pre JDK 7 environments.
Last Release on Oct 28, 2012