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Jersey Test Framework Grizzly 2 Module
Last Release on May 24, 2017
JSR-000314: JavaServer(TM) Faces 2.1 API
Last Release on Aug 7, 2015
JSR 52: JavaServer Pages(TM) Standard Tag Library 1.2 API
Last Release on Jan 22, 2018
Repackaged module
Last Release on Oct 21, 2014
Last Release on Jul 5, 2017
Repackaged module
Last Release on Oct 21, 2014
A Java Glob implementation taken from OpenJDK 7 sun.nio.fs.Globs
Last Release on Jan 1, 2013

An implementation of Java 7’s WatchService for Java 6 on Mac OS X
Last Release on Jun 13, 2015
The operations module consists of classes that (1) support the execution and maintanace of Luzzu (such as caching); and (2) support data operations (such as validations, graph signatures and ranking) on quality metadata.
Last Release on Jun 9, 2017
The Imixs JEE Workflow is a full featured Workflow Management System (WFMS) based on the JEE5 specification. The project extends the Imixs Workflow API project to fulfill the requirements to a scalable, transactional, robust and simple deployable JEE Workflow System. The Project provides different service components (EJBs) to be used in any kind of business application. All components of the project are build using Maven 2 to simplify the development process and usage of the components ...
Last Release on Aug 29, 2012