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A strongly-typed matrix package with basic linear algebra operations.
Last Release on Mar 12, 2013
long-addressable bit and typed object matrix implementations.
Last Release on Apr 5, 2012
Artemis ODB Matrix
Last Release on Jul 23, 2016
A fast and easy to use dense matrix linear algebra library written in Java.
Last Release on Sep 15, 2014
Classes and methods for dense and sparse matrices and operations on them using 'LAPACK' and 'SuiteSparse'.
Last Release on Aug 14, 2018
ECS Component Dependency Matrix
Last Release on Jul 23, 2016
Nepxion Aquarius is a list of distribution components based on Redis + Zookeeper with Nepxion Matrix AOP framework
Last Release on Dec 1, 2018

Matrix gui module
Last Release on Mar 17, 2017
Artemis ODB Matrix
Last Release on Nov 10, 2014
WikiBrain Matrix
Last Release on Jan 16, 2018