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The SAR that provides the server with some necessary internal RHQ services.
Last Release on Jun 25, 2013
Web Services Metadata for the Java(TM) Platform API Repackaged as OSGi bundle in GlassFish
Last Release on Aug 17, 2012

Relocated → javax.jws » javax.jws-api
Service Layer for Spring Roo. Includes management for: Local services management, import remote services to local services and export local services via WS.
Last Release on Sep 25, 2015
Extra JDK 6 packages required by Metro Web Services OSGi bundle
Last Release on Oct 10, 2010
The Jadex webservice platform extension package contains basic functionality for WSDL web services and REST web services.
Last Release on Dec 20, 2013

Metro is a high-performance, extensible, easy-to-use web service stack. It is a one-stop shop for all your web service needs, from the simplest hello world web service to reliable, secured, and transacted web service that involves .NET services. This module contains the public APIs. It does not serve any purpose on its own and you should instead depend on the parent module
Last Release on Oct 7, 2013

The NetBeans Platform is a generic base for desktop applications. It provides the services common to almost all large desktop applications: window management, menus, settings and storage, an update manager, and file access. Get a head start by reusing these standard components, allowing you to concentrate fully on your application's business logic.
Last Release on Oct 9, 2009
Archetype for building RESTful Web Services with Jersey 1.18.1 and Google Guice 3.0
Last Release on Sep 19, 2014
Last Release on Jan 19, 2014
RHQ Remoting Web Services Client
Last Release on Oct 2, 2012
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