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Last Release on Oct 30, 2023
The OVSDB Plugin integration project is a project for OpenDaylight that will implement the Open vSwitch Database RFC 7047 management protocol allowing the Southbound configuration of vSwitches and a network virtualization implementation.
Last Release on Feb 29, 2016
YANG Generator Plugin API
Last Release on Jul 16, 2024
Maven SAL API Gen Plugin
Last Release on Jan 26, 2022
This plugin is a wrapper for "yang to source code" generation. It can be configured by a set of third-party code generators and resource providers. For further info see available goals. Sample usage: TODO: add sample usage when finished
Last Release on Jul 16, 2024
Yang JMX Generator Plugin
Last Release on Sep 13, 2019
OpenDaylight :: Netconf :: AAA Authorization Plugin
Last Release on Jun 13, 2024
AAA Authn ODL Plugin
Last Release on Apr 25, 2024
OpenDaylight :: SNMP Plugin :: SNMP
Last Release on Dec 5, 2018
Provide shell command for snmp4sdn plugin in Karaf
Last Release on Apr 11, 2019