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Internal publishing to Maven Central.
Last Release on Jun 15, 2024
Java utility to fetch Maven dependencies
Last Release on Jun 9, 2024
OSPF Kotlin Core Plugin SCIP
Last Release on Jul 9, 2024
OSPF Kotlin Core Plugin CPLEX
Last Release on Jul 9, 2024
support nexus ,gradle portal,custom repository publish
Last Release on May 11, 2024
Vitess client including quill bindings.
Last Release on Oct 27, 2016
NuGet Maven Plugin
Last Release on Apr 28, 2022
This plugin makes basic repository information available through maven resources. This can be used to display "what version is this?" or "who has deployed this and when, from which branch?" information at runtime, making it easy to find things like "oh, that isn't deployed yet, I'll test it tomorrow" and making both testers and developers life easier. See
Last Release on Jul 2, 2024
Plugin SpringSecurity Starter
Last Release on Jul 22, 2023