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Selenium automates browsers. That's it! What you do with that power is entirely up to you.
Last Release on Nov 14, 2018
Atlassian WebDriver Core
Last Release on Jul 18, 2017
The MongoDB Synchronous Driver
Last Release on Nov 27, 2018
Selenium RC Server (Coreless)
Last Release on Feb 23, 2010
Selenium Core
Last Release on Jul 10, 2009
The file system driver family for TAR and related archive file types. Add the JAR artifact of this module to the run time class path to make its file system drivers available for service location in the client API modules.
Last Release on Aug 7, 2016
Selenium and WebDriver API bindings for JBehave
Last Release on May 9, 2017

Extensions to the CQL driver for use with DataStax Enterprise.
Last Release on Dec 28, 2015
tapir Selenium
Last Release on Aug 27, 2018
Selenium Core
Last Release on Nov 14, 2008