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The Heterogeneity-incorporating Workflow ApplicationMaster for YARN (Hi-WAY) provides the means to execute arbitrary scientific workflows on top of Apache's Hadoop 2.x (YARN). In this context, scientific workflows are directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), in which nodes are executables accessible from the command line (e.g. tar, cat, or any other executable in the PATH of the worker nodes), and edges represent data dependencies between these executables.
Last Release on Mar 9, 2015
A Functional Workflow Language. Cuneiform is a workflow specification language which makes it easy to integrate heterogeneous tools and libraries and exploit data parallelism. Users do not have to create heavy-weight wrappers for establised tools or to reimplement them. Instead, they apply their existing software to partitioned data. Using the Hi-WAY application master Cuneiform can be executed on Hadoop YARN which makes it suitable for large scale data analysis. Cuneiform comes in the form of a ...
Last Release on May 17, 2016
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