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Spring Beans provides the configuration framework and basic functionality to instantiate, configure, and assemble java objects.
Last Release on Nov 24, 2022
Apache Commons BeanUtils provides an easy-to-use but flexible wrapper around reflection and introspection.
Last Release on Aug 14, 2019
Commons BeanUtils Core
Last Release on Mar 24, 2010
SpringFramework Beans
Last Release on Dec 2, 2013
SwitchYard: Bean Component
Last Release on Aug 14, 2016
Jersey extension module providing support for Bean Validation (JSR-349) API.
Last Release on Nov 4, 2022
JSON API documentation for spring based applications
Last Release on Jul 14, 2020
Sisu Inject Bean : Legacy Wrapper
Last Release on Feb 20, 2015
Apiman Gateway Engine Beans
Last Release on Nov 29, 2022
Jodd BeanUtil is fast and powerful bean manipulation library.
Last Release on Aug 10, 2020