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The Esri Geometry API for Java enables developers to write custom applications for analysis of spatial data.
Last Release on Sep 21, 2020
A java library for Google s2
Last Release on Jul 29, 2019
Makes the 'Qhull' library <> available in R, in a similar manner as in Octave and MATLAB. Qhull computes convex hulls, Delaunay triangulations, halfspace intersections about a point, Voronoi diagrams, furthest-site Delaunay triangulations, and furthest-site Voronoi diagrams. It runs in 2D, 3D, 4D, and higher dimensions. It implements the Quickhull algorithm for computing the convex hull. Qhull does not support constrained Delaunay triangulations, or mesh generation of non-convex objects, ...
Last Release on Feb 14, 2021
Last Release on Mar 14, 2022
Implementations of ISO 19107 (Spatial Schema).
Last Release on Apr 12, 2022
Alchemist geometric components for Euclidean spaces
Last Release on May 22, 2022
Geometry Model
Last Release on Apr 8, 2012
Implementation of GeoAPI geometries interface.
Last Release on Jul 25, 2013
Processes for handling of geometry.
Last Release on May 7, 2022
Common Geometry library for the yildiz project, contains utilities to handle geometry concepts.
Last Release on Jan 9, 2020