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Last Release on Mar 3, 2015
mqtt-client provides an ASL 2.0 licensed API to MQTT. It takes care of automatically reconnecting to your MQTT server and restoring your client session if any network failures occur. Applications can use a blocking API style, a futures based API, or a callback/continuations passing API style.
Last Release on Sep 18, 2019
The ActiveMQ MQTT Protocol Implementation
Last Release on Apr 6, 2024
HiveMQ MQTT Client is an MQTT 5.0 and MQTT 3.1.1 compatible and feature-rich high-performance Java client library with different API flavours and backpressure support
Last Release on Oct 3, 2023
Spring Integration MQTT Support
Last Release on Mar 19, 2024
MQTT Client
Last Release on Apr 22, 2018
Vert.x MQTT reactive client and server
Last Release on Mar 27, 2024
Camel MQTT client
Last Release on Oct 1, 2019
ActiveMQ Artemis MQTT Protocol
Last Release on Mar 23, 2024
JOYnr MQTT Client
Last Release on Feb 6, 2024