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Clojure(Script) library for declarative data description and validation
Last Release on Nov 3, 2021
Apache POI - Java API To Access Microsoft Format Files
Last Release on Feb 14, 2020
JSON Schema Validator
Last Release on Oct 29, 2014
Commons XMLSchema is a light weight schema object model that can be used to manipulate or generate a schema. It has a clean, easy to use API and can easily be integrated into an existing project since it has almost no dependencies on third party libraries.
Last Release on Sep 22, 2010
XmlBeans generated from the Ecma supplied xsds:
Last Release on Sep 1, 2018
A Java implementation of the JSON Schema specification
Last Release on May 27, 2020
Nuxeo Core: Schema.
Last Release on Jan 22, 2019
Kafka Schema Registry
Last Release on Nov 2, 2021
Kafka Schema Registry Client
Last Release on Nov 2, 2021
A json schema validator that supports draft v4, v6, v7 and v2019-09
Last Release on Nov 10, 2021