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Persistent bounded-size queue implementation in Clojure
Last Release on Dec 9, 2019
Ring gzip encoding middleware
Last Release on Jul 1, 2019

3. Utilities1 usages

amalloy » utils

A collection of handy-dandy tools I've collected as I notice repeated patterns in my Clojure code
Last Release on Apr 12, 2011

4. S3 Journal

amalloy » s3-journalEPL

Reliable, high-throughput journalling to S3
Last Release on Feb 23, 2016
A MongoDB session store for Ring.
Last Release on Apr 3, 2012

6. Manifold

amalloy » manifoldMIT

a compatibility layer for event-driven abstractions
Last Release on Sep 12, 2015

7. Thrift Gen

amalloy » thrift-genEPL

quickcheck generators for producing instances of Thrift schemas
Last Release on Oct 17, 2014
A convenient Clojure interface to HBase.
Last Release on Dec 9, 2014

9. Compojure API

amalloy » compojure-apiEPL

Compojure Api
Last Release on Jul 25, 2016

10. GPG Test

amalloy » gpg-testEPL

FIXME: write description
Last Release on May 18, 2013