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An extension to liberator allowing for composable mixins.
Last Release on Sep 23, 2020

2. Hype5 usages

b-social » hypeMIT

Hypermedia functions for bidi and ring.
Last Release on Oct 18, 2019

3. Jason4 usages

b-social » jasonMIT

Factory functions around jsonista, mostly for key conversion.
Last Release on Feb 4, 2020

4. Vent1 usages

b-social » ventMIT

Rule based event processing engine.
Last Release on Aug 20, 2020

5. Spec Validate

b-social » spec-validateMIT

A clojure.spec based validation library.
Last Release on Aug 8, 2019

6. Ping Resource

b-social » ping-resourceMIT

FIXME: write description
Last Release on Jul 31, 2019
A clojure wrapper library around Java wiremock library
Last Release on Nov 20, 2020
A HAL events resource for liberator.
Last Release on Jul 30, 2020
Convert promtheus exposition format to a a various other formats
Last Release on May 21, 2020
A library for processing kafka events as a stuartsierra component and configured with configurati. Opinionated that the event processing will be wrapped in a jdbc transaction.
Last Release on Jun 4, 2020

11. Zebra

b-social » zebraMIT

A clojure wrapper for Stripe
Last Release on May 21, 2020