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Docker JUnit Rule
Last Release on May 27, 2020

2. More Commons6 usages

com.arakelian » more-commonsApache

Small utility classes useful in a variety of projects. Don't reinvent the wheel. Stay small.
Last Release on Apr 24, 2023

3. Java JQ5 usages

com.arakelian » java-jqApache

java-jq is not a re-implementation of jq in Java. It uses JNA to access embedded libraries.
Last Release on Jan 28, 2022

4. Jackson Utils4 usages

com.arakelian » jackson-utilsApache

Utilities for reading and writing JSON and XML using Jackson.
Last Release on Apr 24, 2023

5. Key Value Store3 usages

com.arakelian » key-value-storeApache

Key Value Store
Last Release on Oct 15, 2020

6. Faker2 usages

com.arakelian » fakerApache

Faker is library for generating high-quality fake data, such as names, addresses and phone numbers.
Last Release on Apr 24, 2023

7. Retry2 usages

com.arakelian » retryApache

General purpose method for retrying arbitrary Java code with specific stop, retry, and exception handling capabilities.
Last Release on Apr 24, 2023

8. Elastic Indexer1 usages

com.arakelian » elastic-indexerApache

High-level Java API for indexing data into Elastic.
Last Release on Sep 22, 2023

9. Json Filter1 usages

com.arakelian » json-filterApache

High-speed stream-based filtering of arbitrarily large JSON documents.
Last Release on Apr 24, 2023
Spring Test Utilities
Last Release on Mar 21, 2018
Arakelian Docker JUnit
Last Release on Mar 22, 2017

12. GraphQL Parser

com.arakelian » graphql-parserApache

GraphQL Parser
Last Release on Oct 30, 2018

13. JDBC Key Value Store

com.arakelian » jdbc-key-value-storeApache

JDBC Key Value Store
Last Release on Mar 27, 2018

14. Guava Retrying

com.arakelian » guava-retryingApache

Guava Retrying
Last Release on Apr 6, 2019
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