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Clover is an award winning code coverage and testing tool for Java and Groovy. It integrates easily with Maven (1, 2 and 3), Ant, Grails, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA as well as with continuous integration servers such as Bamboo, Jenkins or Hudson. Note: before Clover 4.0 this artifact was named com.cenqua.clover:clover.

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org.openclover » clover

4.1.2Central6Oct, 2016
4.1.1Central7Dec, 2015
4.1.0Central 0 Dec, 2015
4.0.6Central2Sep, 2015
4.0.5Central4Jul, 2015
4.0.4Central2Apr, 2015
4.0.3Central6Jan, 2015
4.0.2Central5Oct, 2014
4.0.1Central3Sep, 2014
4.0.0Central6Jul, 2014