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1. Less4j42 usages

com.github.sommeri » less4jApacheEPLGPL

Less language is an extension of css and less4j compiles it into regular css. It adds several dynamic features into css: variables, expressions, nested rules. Less4j is a port. The original compiler was written in JavaScript and is called less.js. The less language is mostly defined in less.js documentation/issues and by what less.js actually do. Links to less.js: * home page: * source code & issues:
Last Release on Mar 14, 2016

2. Less4j JavaScript5 usages

com.github.sommeri » less4j-javascriptUnlicense

Less4j-javascript adds embedded/escaped JavaScript support to less4j compiler. It is supposed to be close enough to less.js to compile LessHat the same way.
Last Release on Apr 3, 2014