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1. AptSpringAPI1 usages

com.salesforce.aptspring » AptSpringAPIBSD

This project contains one class, a marking annotation, @Verify, that indicates that the AptSpringProcessor should verify a spring graph. All checks are fully enumerated in @Verify's javadoc.
Last Release on Oct 28, 2018

2. AptSpringParent

com.salesforce.aptspring » AptSpringParentBSD

This is the parent project of AptSpring. Despite it's name, 90% of the code in this project is agnostic to spring. The AptSpringProcessor however, will assert the correct of a spring graph at compile time, by demanding that the graph be both type safe and fully enumerable during compilation.
Last Release on Oct 29, 2018

3. AptSpringProcessor

com.salesforce.aptspring » AptSpringProcessorBSD

This project contains the apt processor that implements all the checks enumerated in @Verify. It is a self contained, and shaded jar.
Last Release on Oct 28, 2018

4. AptSpringModel

com.salesforce.aptspring » AptSpringModelBSD

This is the spring agnostic 'meat' of the project. It models and analyzes a graph of declarations of object (bean) definitions, as well as the graph of the objects (beans) themselves. This project should be reusable in CDI or any other DI/IoC annotation based system.
Last Release on Oct 28, 2018