Artifacts using JTS Topology Suite (775)

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A fast SQL database that can run embedded or a server mode with support for transactions, encryption, full search, etc. Storage can be disk-based or in-memory.
Last Release on Sep 18, 2023
Elasticsearch subproject :server
Last Release on Feb 22, 2024
JAXB2 Basics Runtime
Last Release on Jun 29, 2016
Fake in-memory mongo
Last Release on May 9, 2018
The main module contains the GeoTools public interfaces that are used by other GeoTools modules (and GeoTools applications). Where possible we make use industry standard terms as provided by OGC and ISO standards. The formal GeoTools public api consists of gt-metadata, jts and the gt-main module. The main module contains the default implementations that are available provided to other GeoTools modules using our factory system. Factories are obtained from an appropriate ...
Last Release on Mar 2, 2024
Standard interfaces implemented throughout the library.
Last Release on Jan 24, 2024
Implementation of GridCoverage. Provides support for rasters and some image processing like reprojection.
Last Release on Mar 2, 2024
Last Release on Feb 2, 2024
Spatial4j is a general purpose spatial / geospatial ASL licensed open-source Java library. It's core capabilities are 3-fold: to provide common geospatially-aware shapes, to provide distance calculations and other math, and to read shape formats like WKT and GeoJSON.
Last Release on Sep 18, 2015

Netty 4 based transport implementation
Last Release on Feb 6, 2024