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1. Dropwizard Peer Authenticator

com.washingtonpost.dropwizard » dropwizard-peer-authenticatorMIT

Dropwizard Authenticator that uses BasicAuth (user,pass) pairs to control access to your service
Last Release on Dec 12, 2016

2. Dropwizard Mongo

com.washingtonpost.dropwizard » dropwizard-mongoMIT

Dropwizard Mongo
Last Release on Mar 17, 2022

3. Dropwizard JSON Exceptions

com.washingtonpost.dropwizard » dropwizard-json-exceptionsMIT

Dropwizard JSON Exceptions
Last Release on Dec 12, 2016

4. Dropwizard Liveness Reporter

com.washingtonpost.dropwizard » dropwizard-liveness-reporterMIT

Simple thread w/ Dropwizard-style configuration factory to report liveness of a service
Last Release on May 27, 2016