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XWiki Platform - Old Core
Last Release on Jun 8, 2022
The private implementation classes of the Apache MyFaces Core JSF-3.0 Implementation
Last Release on Jun 6, 2022
Entry point for modules that need to manipulate Oldcore related test tools
Last Release on Jun 8, 2022
Myfaces Test Framework For JSF 2.3
Last Release on May 26, 2017
Apache MyFaces JSF 3.0 Core Test
Last Release on Jun 6, 2022
Confluence Contributors Plugin. This plugin contains macros to display contributors and statistics from a page or a set of pages.
Last Release on Jun 21, 2022
This plugin allows clients to access Confluence content using the WebDAV standard.
Last Release on Dec 7, 2021
This library contains macros for compatibility with other wiki systems.
Last Release on May 19, 2019
Cargo Maven 3 Plugin
Last Release on Jun 10, 2022
Sakai JLDAP Provider
Last Release on Dec 21, 2021