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Implementations of the core APIs, not including extension point implementations. The extension point implementations that can be considered as core functionality (files, URLs etc) are held in the t2reference-core-extensions package. This package contains implementations of the data access objects, translator infrastructure etc.

LicenseLGPL 2.1
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2.0.0MyGrid3Sep, 2012
1.5MyGrid10Apr, 2014
1.4MyGrid9May, 2012
1.3MyGrid9Jul, 2011
1.2MyGrid8Jul, 2010
1.1MyGrid7Apr, 2010
1.0MyGrid7Dec, 2009
0.9MyGrid7Nov, 2009
0.8MyGrid8Sep, 2009
0.7MyGrid1Jun, 2009
0.6MyGrid5Jun, 2009