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Library for creating matcher combinator to compare nested data structures
Last Release on Oct 9, 2019

2. Workspaces3 usages

nubank » workspacesApache

Work environments for development of web apps.
Last Release on Oct 18, 2019
A Jupyter kernel for Clojure
Last Release on Jul 24, 2019

4. Selvage1 usages

nubank » selvageApache

Macro for writing tests in world-transition pattern
Last Release on Jan 23, 2019

5. Lein Jupyter

nubank » lein-jupyterMIT

Leiningen plugin for jupyter notebook.
Last Release on Aug 23, 2019

6. State Flow

nubank » state-flowMIT

Postman-like integration testing with composable flows
Last Release on Sep 3, 2019
Kubernetes Client API Library
Last Release on Jul 5, 2018

8. Abracad

nubank » abracadApacheEPL

De/serialize Clojure data structures with Avro.
Last Release on Oct 10, 2019

9. Midje NREPL

nubank » midje-nreplApache

nREPL middleware to interact with Midje
Last Release on Dec 19, 2018