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A JUnit 4.x based unit testing framework applying LDAP operations over the wire against an LDAP server. Right now the LDAP server is ApacheDS because the start, stop and cleanup of the server are easily controlled. This may change in the future.

LicenseApache 2.0
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1.5.5Central10Aug, 2009
1.5.4Central5Sep, 2008
1.5.3Central3Jul, 2008
1.5.2Central2Apr, 2008
1.5.1Central1Sep, 2007
1.5.0Central1Apr, 2007
1.0.2Central15May, 2007
1.0.1Central3Feb, 2007
1.0.0Central1Oct, 2006
1.0-RC4Central1Sep, 2006
1.0-RC3Central1May, 2006
1.0-RC2Central1Apr, 2006
1.0-RC1Central1Feb, 2006