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This module was created to fix issue DIRSHARED-91 where the embedded Felix instance inside the default LdapCodecService implementation was making it very problematic to deploy the ldap-codec inside an RCP (OSGi) environment and hence Apache Directory Studio could not use it. This module is most likely temporary and will disappear once we are fully OSGi enabled. This module is a plain old jar, not a bundle to avoid accidental reuse as an OSGi module because it contains the version ...

LicenseApache 2.0
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1.0.0-M13Central13Oct 08, 2012
1.0.0-M12Central10May 04, 2012
1.0.0-M11Central11Feb 24, 2012
1.0.0-M10Central11Jan 27, 2012
1.0.0-M9Central11Jan 09, 2012
1.0.0-M8Central11Sep 03, 2011
1.0.0-M7Central11Aug 15, 2011
1.0.0-M6Central5Jul 30, 2011
1.0.0-M5Central11Jun 22, 2011
1.0.0-M4Central5May 24, 2011
1.0.0-M3Central5Apr 19, 2011
1.0.0-M2Central4Mar 10, 2011